Quiche Lorraine in NuWave

I made Quiche Lorraine in a NuWave last year and was so-so.  I did it again last week and come out much better.  First I made a pie crust and cooked it in the NuWave 12 minutes on high.  Then I made the filling, put in the crust and cooked it on Power Level of … Continue reading Quiche Lorraine in NuWave


Pecan Pie in NuWave

I cooked first-time pecan pie in our NuWave.   It look good and tasted good but the top of the pie and the top of the pie crust was overdone and the rest was underdone.  The NuWave cookbook says the baked the pie crust for 15-20 minutes and then put the pie filling in, but … Continue reading Pecan Pie in NuWave