I was a self-employed “computer guy” in the Orange County, California. I had several strokes in 2010 and I’m now retired.  Now I write about mostly Linux and it’s discoveries for me; however I am not Linux expert. Any comment, questions, advice or suggestions are more welcome.

You can a leave a comment on any my posts with or without your name and email address and I don’t require moderation with any comments.

More about my several strokes http://wp.me/p5qHcj-k.

Twitter https://twitter.com/JeffSBales

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mr. Bales,
    I chanced upon your blog recently and found it to be quite informative. I hope you are felling well now and keeping good health. Based on your blog posts, you seem to be good spirits by god’s grace.

    I am writing to you to request your suggestions for setting up a small office network for a NGO in india. This NGO is made up volunteers like myself who dedicate their time to help impoverished teens and young adults in inner cities with education and develop job skills to sustain a livelihood.

    I was asked to setup a computer network at the volunteer center. Basically we will have a heterogeneous LAN with WINDOWS, LINUX and MAC machines. I would like to use opensource software to keep the costs to a minimum. CentOS server with Samba AD and DC seems to be a good option with file and printer sharing services. Website and email will be hosted by 3rd parties so we will not have any other servers in-house.

    We will using a leased DSL line for internet which connects to a external router followed by a firewall. This connects to a switch internally. A bus network topology will be used to connects the PCs, printers, etc. There will also be a Wifi access.

    Since we have less than a week for setup, I request you to point us to resources in your blog to help us setup this network quickly. BTW, All H/W is available with us

    Your help is much appreciated.
    Please take care of your health.

    Best Regards,
    Johan Agonda

    1. Hi Mr. Agonda,

      I hope you are doing fine too. My speaking is better but not great. And I gained 30 lbs after my stroke, and so I must be feeling well 🙂

      I checked using Samba 4.5.5 as an AD on CentOS 7.1611 and it works fine (see the Samba 4.5.4 post http://wp.me/p5qHcj-NA). Also setting a Shares on the Samba server work great also (see the Samba 4.5.4 post http://wp.me/p5qHcj-Ov, but I have not checked printing shares though.

      But most importantly that Samba 4.5.5 does not back up http://wp.me/p5qHcj-Ri; I would do either a virtual CentOS Samba and it back it up, or do an image and back it up, and make sure you can restore the backup.

      Let me know if you need more assistance.


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