I bought my second telescope about three weeks ago.  My first telescope was when I was around 15; now I’m 54.   I bought a Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ telescope from Amazon.

My review is a 3 out of 5 because that as of today, no response to my ticket I placed on 8-10-2017 and no response I sent on 8-15-2017 to automated ticket number sent to me by email.  The email did not say “Do not reply this email; no answers” or something like that. The email went to mail@celestronsupport.com via email.kayako.com where kayako.com is their website address for a ticket.  

No responses from those two assistance emails, not even auto email saying “We’re very busy because of upcoming eclipse but we will contact you as soon as we can.”

It looks maybe half people reviewing on Amazon they says it collimation (alignment) was off and hard to see stars very well.  I bought a Celestron collimation eyepiece from Amazon but before I received it, the telescope fell on the carpet.

After my second night of looking at the night sky, I brought it in and when talking to my husband, it fell.  I think the tripod was not balanced, and the telescope and the tripod went crashing on the carpet floor.

I give the company the benefit of the doubt it’s collimation was good, but after the crash the collimation was way off and two days of me trying to get it back in align and failing, I sent a ticket for assistance.   But no response as of today.

The tripod is good, except me crashing the scope, but I don’t think that it’s the product fault.  But the finderscope holder is cheap and the finderscope moves a lot. So I put a piece of the paper around the finderscope and holder to make it steady.

Piece of paper between the finderscope and the holder
Piece of paper between the finderscope and the holder

As of today, the collimation is ok but not perfect.   It’s has been learning experience for me and it may takes several weeks to get almost perfect.

However the collimation is good enough to look at solar eclipse on Monday!