I have a question for the mainly Trump supporters.

I am Independent Voter since I started voted in 1980 and voted for Democratic and Republican presidents since then.  I voted for Hillary, not because she was perfect, but I liked her and what she stood for, and I thought Trump was (and now is) dangerous.

I am not the “Not my President” person because he is the President.  Not accounting my husband, I very quiet on the political side on Facebook, Twitter, my blog and with friends.  Until now.  

“In a Twitter message on Saturday, Trump said “if a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!”, according to Reuters posted on Twitter yesterday, 7-28-2017.   The capital letters was his, not mine.

Stating this is dangerous.   If he’s allowed his way, that will hurt the people for his own purpose.  I know he said the bailout for insurance companies will end, but I don’t believe the insurance was not raised the rates for insurer. If they do not… well, they will.

My question for the mainly Trump supporters (anyone can answer though), it’s multiple options.

  1. This does affect you.
  2. It affects you but you think it’s best for our country.
  3. Healthcare is a privilege and not a right.
  4. Healthcare is a right but you think it’s best for our country.
  5. Reuters is posting fake news.
  6. Trump was drinking or taking pills when it wrote this.
  7. Trump is bluffing
  8. Trump will try it but it will be blocked.
  9. Trump will do it.
  10. Trump is imperfect and this is normal for him
  11. Trump is imperfect but get less and less perfect.
  12. Trump is imperfect and enough is enough.  Time for Trump to go.
  13. Other.