Installing and Configuring the NS Backup:

To add the NS Backup go to your NS website at server https://IP_address:980.  Mine is  Go to the Software Center on the left and click on Backup, and then click on Add.

Click on Software Center/Backup
Click on Software Center/Backup

After clicking on Add, then it says Apply Changes and click on it.

Apply Changes page
Apply Changes page

When it is downloaded and installed Backup now it’s time to enable it.

Enable Backup
Enable Backup

To enable there is many forms to enable it.  For my test I click on Enabled at 14:30 and apply the backup to a USB disk with Full and Never for deleted backup.  But you make anytime for backup for Windows Share or NFS share. Also Notification by default only with an error but I changed to mine Always to my custom email address.

My Backup Configuration
My Backup Configuration

When at the appropriate time it will backup up the configuration and data.

To Restore from a Disaster Recover:

  1. Install the new machine with the same host name as the old one
  2. Configure a data backup, so the system can retrieve saved data and configuration
  3. If the old machine was the network gateway, remember to re-install firewall module

Note:  Restoring a File Sharing is not working.  If you have a File Share(s) I would do a virtual NS and backup the virtual.

You can restore the configuration from the NS website or by using a ssh to server.  I usually restore from a ssh.

You can do the configuration restore by doing this command:

root@dc1: restore-config

If the configuration seemed correct you can do the data restore by doing this command

root@dc1: restore-data



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