Update 12-06-2016:  I asked for the deletion/disable of my account because I feel I can’t make independent posts for Linux and Linux servers being a member, and no longer a member of NethServer Community.

UPDATE 12-05-2016: There has been change on the NethServer Community to the better, mostly lead by Alessio Fattorini, and I asked him can I rejoin the Quality Team program.

I been a member of the NethServer Community for about two months, and have been promoted to the Quality Team rather quickly for the upcoming NethServer 7 because I’m good picking up bugs and also good at writing.

I hoping that NethServer 7 would be good enough to compete with Microsoft SBS’s, but I’m not sure anymore.

I was doing very well for the Quality Team but we (or rather I) has came across a problem that I can not get past – certain type of bugs.

Bugs, I say and some other members says not a Bug because because there are work-around.  I have several discussions of what is a bug or what isn’t with several other post earlier. But this final bug post listed below is why I losing faith in upcoming NethServer 7 because Alessio Fattorini, the community manager, said it also not a bug.

This is the full bug post, and there are two more bug post like this one before this post.


The Gist:

The bug post states this:

I installed Roundcube Web Mail and Email Address are now showing on the website. I removed Roundcube and MariaDB, but Email Address are still showing on the website (NethServer website)

Some comments were made after that, deciding whether a bug or not.  No one was discussing whether this is true or not though; it’s true.

After a couple of days, Alessio Fattorini, the community manager said this  and changed it from a Bug post to a Support post:  It’s back to a Bug post and not Support post.

For me it’s not a bug too. Adding it to our documentation would be great

Yes, it definitely need documentation, but it’s still a bug.   To me that’s being lazy not saying a bug.  Maybe to lessen the bug report so that you don’t over work the development team, but it’s still a bug.  And if they trying not to over work the development team, put the bug in the back end.  But not naming as a bug is not good.

I took me off the Quality Team because I don’t have good faith do it anymore.  I sent a message the Alessio Fattorini, saying I took me off the QT and wished him good luck for NethServer 7.


3 thoughts on “UPDATED – I’m losing (not) faith in upcoming NethServer 7 and this is why.

  1. what about the command ‘yum autoremove’

    I don’t know if it is a bug, but I’m sure that yum try to do the things as safely as possible. it remove as minimal rpm and if you want more you can remove it manually.

    So perhaps it is a bug of redhat…..who knows 🙂

    1. It’s a bug but with easy documentation fix. We adding Removing instructions of Roundcube in the manual with “yum autoremove nethserver-roundcubemail”

      According to NethServer “A bug report means something is broken, preventing normal/typical use of NethServer”. If you remove a module it should also remove the module from the NethServer website (at least I think it should).

      But removing webmail (roundcube) it leaves the Email Addresses on the left and leaves the actual email address in that tab. To me that’s a bug.

      I know some Linux users knows about a lot of the in-and-outs of Linux; to some them it’s not a bug.

      I know some of Linux in-and-outs, but no way I am expert. I would rather have Linux do it was suppose to do and not have to know a lot the in-and-out.

      This is maybe part of the reason the Linux has not taking off, competing with Microsoft and Apple. Who knows.

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