** Reported bug to NethServer **

NethServer 7 RC2


I made a File Sharing ‘docs’ for all domain users, and tested with the administrator and worked with Windows 7. He can read/change/delete the docs folder and the read netlogon and sysvol folder.

'Docs' shared folder
‘Docs’ shared folder
The 'docs' shared folder on Windows 70
The ‘docs’ shared folder on Windows 7

Using NS Backup software I backed up the configuration and data file onto a USB drive.

Then I reformatted the hard drive and re-installed NS 7 RC2 and installed the necessary components – NS Samba, Backup and File Server – and made the host name is the same and DC IP is the same.

When I restored the configuration portion of NS and everything was back in place including the Samba user and File Sharing. Then I did data restore.

I rebooted the NS server and after that the only shares that the user can read in the sysvol folder. All of the other shared folders was ‘Access is denied’.

"Access is denied" for the server
“Access is denied” for the server

15 thoughts on “NethServer 7 RC2 – Samba File Shares are not working with Disaster Recovery

  1. Hi, Thanks for the great tutorials. They’re clear and simple to follow. But somehow I do not manage to access “group only” file shares as a normal user.
    I tried it many times, following your last two post to the letter, but I keep getting authentication errors.
    Last time I tried in virtualbox, with an unattended install of RC2.
    Did a full update and installed nethserver-dc. Configured and started the domain controller; created a user, group and share.
    Added the user to the group and assigned the share to the group.

    When I go to \\server-ip I see the shares, but when I try to open I can’t get in.
    I tried to login with user and domain\user and user@domain, nothing works.
    But when i allow guest access i can get in.

    1. Hi Indra,

      Thanks for comment about my tutorials 🙂

      ” But somehow I do not manage to access “group only” file shares as a normal user.” and only allowed as a guest.

      1) You can’t access the group shared folders with a normal users before you did a disaster recovery?


      2) You can’t access the group shared folders after you did a disaster recovery?

  2. Hi Jef,

    Thanks for the quick reply. My case is 1, no access before recovery.
    And I tried both, kubuntu linux and windows 7 in a virtualbox. Both have access as guest, but not to group only folders.

      1. And it would primarily prefer not to have to add them to a domain as there are still a few “windows home premium” in the office. Slowly there will be more “Professionals” and joining a domain would become a more interesting option. But for now it would be more easy without.

  3. This post about Samba AD/DC File Shares are not working after disaster recovery. If the Windows 7 can’t join the domain, the only way it will see the shared folder is being a guest.

    You can make users and shares without using Samba on NethServer 6.8 but not on NS 7. I think you can install OpenLDAP and create shares, and use the username and the share to make a drive for the shared folders on Windows 7 Home Premium. But I not tried it before, but I will try it soon.

  4. So a computer has to be joined to the domain to be able to access user restricted shared folders when using the nethserver-dc backend?
    And do you know if I would be able to have user restricted shared folders, accessible with samba/windows file sharing, from computer not joined in the domain with the openldap backend?

    1. No, you can’t as far I know.

      If you interesting a user restricted shared folder I was use any Linux OS and not NethServer, Zentyal or ClearOS. You can make restricted shared folder and only the username you want (or one username and give that the people you want to have it). I use LinuxMint as my primary OS and you can added a shared folder by clicking on Right Click/Share or use Webmin.com to add to it and make a shared folder that way. By the way, it uses samba but not necessary is a domain way.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll try some more tomorrow when I’m back in the office.
      Do you know how long 6.8 will still be supported? Is it wise to use it for a new server setup?

  5. According to NethServer, NS is based on Centos and “Centos6 will reach the EOL in November 30th, 2020 but probably that NS6 will be in a maintenance mode during this time.”

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