The final version of NethServer 7 was release on 02-07-2017 and this is my post for the final NethServer about installing Samba Active Directory and File Sharing.

Installing Samba Active Directory is easy to install NethServer 7 Beta, but only after you figured exactly to install it.  It took me several days of trying to install it while I was looking at the documentation on the user manual and the Help file.

To install Samba Active Directory you have to install it on a IP, but not the same IP of the NethServer and not being used, and the NethServer builds a virtual OS in itself for Samba.   I think that should be clearer on the documentation.  Now  I understand why they discuss installing on a virtual machine in the user manual.

I have also installed File Server and I tried using Windows using the administrator account to setup other users but it seems the mess up using NethServer shares, so I added the users instead on the NethServer website instead of Windows.

Also the Home share is not working with the File Server.  The home directory is empty on /var/lib/nethserver/ and the share site is not accessible to any user, including admin.  Or I must doing something wrong.

Also the disaster recovery is not working for me.  After doing a restore-configure NethSever seems to be in order, but before and after restore-data none of the users is able to access netlogon, sysvol, and the share I added with File Server even though the computer was allowed to join the domain.  Or I must be doing something wrong.

I have not reporting this two issues with NethServer.   I joined the NethServer Community after I posted this blog.  The missing Home directory bug was already posted and I reported the Disaster Recovery bug on 9-4-16.

I used VMPlayer on LinuxMint and installed NethServer using root and not my own account.  I installed it with an IP of   Go to the Software Center and here are my steps:

Selecting Samba Active Directory:

Selecting Samba Active Directory
Selecting Samba Active Directory


Click Add and Confirm system changes:

Confirm system changes
Confirm system changes


After clicking Applying Changes, it installs it and then after several seconds, it says Operation Complete Successful and below that “Configure Samba Active Directory”.

Operation completely successfully
Operation completely successfully


After clicking on Configure the next page is asking for an IP and to check “Create a bridge interface for the green network”. Again it’s creating a virtual OS using the IP within NethServer.

Domain controller configuration
Domain controller configuration


I used an IP of and click on Start DC.  First process is installing a Root task and it take several minutes to complete.

Root task
Root task


The last step is nethserver-dc-join.



When it’s done it takes a couple of seconds to change showing the first and only user Administrator and the Edit to the right, where you can change the password and I did.




9 thoughts on “NethServer 7 Beta1 – Installing Samba Active Directory

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing this. I have a question, though: is it possible to change the ip of the virtual server, that is created in the process of setting up AD after the installation and how? I can not find an option how to change the ip after the installation in the UI.

    1. That’s a good question. I don’t know either but I will ask the NethServer Community about it.

      Also, if you want to join the community, go to the and click on Community at the top.

      1. I don’t think you can. I tried below and says it changed it, but it didn’t.

        “I do not know if it can work.
        To check the IP of the virtual machine that manages the domain type:

        config GetProp nsdc IpAddress
        To change it:

        config setprop nsdc IpAddress x.x.x.x
        signal-event nethserver-dc-save
        (x.x.x.x. = new IP)
        I have not tried but virtual PC responds to IP”

  2. Dose this mean then that your hardware need to have a CPU supporting virtualisation?
    This might enplane why I can’t get to work on an atom D2550 system.

  3. Thanks for the reply. And the good explanation as to how you set it up.I’m running RC4. Installed RC3 and ran updates before any thing else…. Just check the dash again and it now say’s NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final)

    1. I updated my rc3 to the final release and downloaded the expected final release from NethServer community Installing the Samba AD does has no errors and it works. But when you configure for the AD and Submit, it looks like it working and then it goes back to Configure the AD page like it’s not working and no button for setting a password for admin. I did it once the upgrade rc3 and twice for expected final release. Is it working normally for you?

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