I posted My Buttock is Tired on April 7 and since then I’ve been trying off and on with the free Zentyal Server Development Edition 4.1 to get the Exchange Server working right with Outlook 2010.   It’s always says this when I’m trying to connect Outlook 2010 to an Exchange Server or compatible server (Zentyal).

The name cannot be resolved.  The connection to the Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.
Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.

After at least 20+ times, in VMware virtuals and real ones, I got it working for example.com, once and only once.  I tried using as the realm zentyal-domain.lan (default configuration in Zentyal 4.0, you pick your own in 4.1), balesgroup.com, balesgroup.lan, thebalesgroup.com and example.com.

I tried example.com after reading that SoGo uses only example.com and only example.com in it’s all-in-one virtual appliance server.   I tried to use the appliance but VMware said the .vmx was bad and would not use it.  I download it twice but the same result.  I guess I have bad luck with this thing.

I deleted the Zentyal virtual machine in VMware player and reinstall it again and again and again.   I changed the firewall for all 4 sections adding Accept to anything, deleting all firewall ports; I used wifi and directy wired from the laptop.  Nothing works.

I stopped playing with it for a week and I decided to try again yesterday with VMware using example.com.   It worked!  Yippee!  I rebooted my laptop, connected Outlook again and it still works.   I added another user with a mailbox, sent and received email from/to the user in the Webmail and it showed up in Outlook.  I guess the problem is solved….Not.

After that I deleted the virtual machine and recreated using thebalesgroup.com.   No, it didn’t work.  Uh?  I deleted the virtual machine and recreated using balesgroup.lan.  No, it didn’t work.   I decided it might work for only example.com, so I recreating it using example.com and guess what?  It didn’t work this time.  &#@(87%&#!!

So today I decided to go back one version and downloaded and installed Zentyal 4.0.   I tried twice using VMware player but because VMware decided it was Easy Install and installed it’s VMware Tools immediately before it had a change to build all the Zentyal Core Features and stopped, it didn’t work.   I guess I could try to find a way to manual install core feature but I didn’t.

So next I made a real Zentyal and used another hard drive.  It took maybe 30 minutes to install it and was going through it’s initial configuration and somehow I messed it up by accidentally closing Firefox while it was asking for the network configuration.  I rebooted it and it finally came up as installed but I could not find a way to configure the gateway and DNS servers in it’s network configuration windows.  It only asks for the IP and netmask.   Nothing else.  It asked for the other info in the initial configuration, but not in this???  So….I reformated again and tried it again.

This time I didn’t messed up.  Whew.   I used zentyal-domain.lan (default configuration) and it didn’t work.   I updated all the cores in Zentyal and still did not work.  Outlook could not find the Exchange Server or equivalent.

I didn’t remember exactly what it said in the configuration windows but it said something like this: “It’s easy to install and configure”….”And Development Edition does not meet your needs, buy the Commercial  Edition” with no pricing on the web.  Zentyal is based on Spain and but sorry I’m not giving my email address and phone number because I don’t know the laws about spam and phoning in Spain.  Thus I give up.

For fun maybe next I will be building SoGo.

UPDATE as of 10-30-2015:

Zentyal 4.2 Exchange and Outlook seems to be working this time, even though each email I send through Outlook also appears as a Draft after I close Outlook and opened it again.

Also, I get a different error message in the autodiscovery certificate and to get rid of the message, instead of installing from the certicate itself  that Zentyal Online Documentation said to do, I installed the certificate in Certificates (Local Computer) by downloading it from my Zental server under Mail/OpenChange/Outlook Anywhere and imported it using mmc to Certificates(Local Computer).

It’s getting better but not perfect.

Double Update as of 11-01-2015:

The restore is not working correctly and it’s pain in butt to do locally.   Why does Zentyal File Manager gives “Unsuppored” when clicking on Devices or Network?  Even when I checked show Mounted Devices on Desktop it shows nothing.  After installing ntfs-3g, I got my Backup Drive mounted but only with command line.

I did a backup and saved my /var/vmail on Backup Drive, installed Zentyal again exactly how it was previously and restored the backup and copied the /var/vmail.  It shows successfully restored but it was messed up.

First, the File Share was blocking the user that I setup as Administrator before I installed another Zentyal and it still shows the user as Administrator in the file share after the restore.  I try to change it using Windows 7 Pro using Manage Zentyal, but again, Access Denied.

Second, the 2 users have had Outlook accounts (was working on the first Zentyal) got a weird message after the restore.  It says it was connected to the Exchange Server but the last update was the day before.  I try to sync but a weird message came up and stopped.

After I deleted the virtual Zentyal I thought I could have remove the domain with Windows 7 and put it back, but oh well, I didn’t.  I done playing with Zentyal for now.


4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Giving up Zentyal 4.1, at least the Server Development Edition

  1. Not sure if you’re still messing with Zentyal a year+ later, but I was having the same issue just now. It turns out the stupid Firewall that is built-in to Zentyal was blocking something along the way. Once I disabled the module, Outlook quickly resolved my account and I was off and running.

      1. I couldn’t get 5.0 to install right with Hyper-V right off the bat plus they got rid of OpenChange, so I opted for 4.2 for the time being. I wish they made it easier to add third-party trusted certs in the GUI, that’d be nice.

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