I’m ready for Windows 10, in real and not virtual.  Last week I installed Windows 8.1 Pro on a second hard drive, activated it, and then upgraded it to Windows 10 Build 10162 Preview.  Using my main OS LinuxMint ( which was upgraded two weeks ago from 17.1 to 17.2), I’m dual-booting LinuxMint and Windows 10.  I was planning to post something about it yesterday but when I booted Windows 10, there was yet another upgrade, build 10240.

This time it was called “TH1 Professional 10240” instead of the normal “fbl_impressive” build in Windows Update.   I thought it might be the real thing, the RTM (release to manufacturing) version since it doesn’t have the Preview logo at the bottom right and winver says nothing about an expiration date.  But I checked and there a lot of rumors about it, and Gabe Aul, the official Microsoft Inside Previewer blog guy, was very vague about it.  I joined Windows Insider Program late last year so that I can install Windows 10 Preview but they now put all the downloads in hold until after July 29, when Windows 10 is released.

Windows 10 Build 10240
Windows 10 Build 10240

I installed iTunes, Quickbooks, Adobe Pro 10, Dropbox, KeePass among several other things. I did not install Office just now because there a small chance that all of my apps will be wiped.  Since I can not deactivate Microsoft Office, like I can deactivate Adobe and deauthorized my iTunes account the next time if (and when) there is another upgrade, I didn’t install Office.

Windows 10 is a free upgrade from Windows 8.1 and Window 7 after it been released and for up to a year.  Upgraded Windows 10 is supposed to be free, but since Windows 10 is “Windows-as-a-Service” OS, there are some rumors about you may have to pay for it sometime in the future, even though Microsoft says you won’t pay for it, at least the upgraded version.

If you notice the VMware vCenter icon on the picture, I installed it and then made the real desktop until a virtual one.  This in case the hard drive failed and I will used the virtual one and keep all my stuff.   I did this because trying to create recovery drive it states “Windows could not create recovery drive: A problem occured while creating the recovery drive” and stop.


Windows 10 version 10240 is the RTM (or final) Version, like I thought.  I installed Office and everything works just fine.  But I still have the problem creating a recovery drive with the same message, even with 2 cumulative updates.


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